Monad Ticketing

Monad Ticketing is a cloud based box office system from Monad Software Ltd.

Getting started

A sample site, based on this REST API using the Vue javascript framework, can be viewed here:

Starkadder Arts Centre


Online API documentation is available here:



Get methods for folders (venues / spaces / shows / performances), products, prices and quantities are available without any authentication. Only publicly available items will be returned.

Folders and products can be restricted to certain user statuses (like members) or roles (like administrator).

To include restricted items the session must be authenticated, and security headers added to subsequent api calls.

Security headers should be set and used on all subsequent calls.

The session Id is the bearer authorization token.

setAuthHeader(session) {
   if (session == null) {
      apiClient.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = null;
   } else {
      apiClient.defaults.headers.common['Authorization] = `Bearer ${}`;
      localStorage.setItem('session', JSON.stringify(session));

Sessions expiration is controlled by Monad in the database.